Robotics and Automation Laboratory (RAL) ‘2019

The Robotics and Automation Laboratory (RAL) ‘2019 is the reopening of RAL and Mechatronics Laboratory (ML), established in 1982 and 1995 respectively, whose operations were terminated with the retirement of Prof. Goldenberg in Jan 2011.

Prof. Goldenberg has spent many years in business through ESI, the company he founded in 1982, expanded in 1992, sold part of it in 2000, and sold all of it in 2015 to a Chinese Consortium. The Consortium went public in Hong Kong in 2016. Dr. Goldenberg has been the CEO of ESI until Nov 17, 2016 and then appointed as CTO of the public company. Dr. Goldenberg has left the public company on May 12, 2019.

As of May 2019, he is involved in new business ventures and he undertook to return to UofT MIE to supervise graduate students in the field of ‘AI and Robotics’. This is the domain of research of RAL ‘2019.



Prof. Andrew Goldenberg
Office: MC308
Phone: 416-346-1581